Dr Pepper  | Zoic LA
We had the privilege of collaborating with the creative team at The Richards Group, who approached Zoic with a unique request: to craft cinemagraphs that channeled the nostalgic vibe of 80s NFL posters. This exciting project immediately sparked our creativity, and Chris Korn and I eagerly began developing dynamic type treatments for each spot.
Our creative process was fueled by drawing influences from iconic 80s films like "Commando," "Smokey and the Bandit," and "Adventures in Baby Sitting," among others. Each scene was designed to unfold in dramatic slow motion, featuring Larry Culpepper in a heroic pose, immobile until the moment he breaks character, shattering the illusion. The combination of retro aesthetics and slow-motion animation created a captivating effect that paid homage to the distinctive charm of the 80s.
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